Video Interview as a Service


One-Way interviews, made simple.

Video Interview as a Service


Decrease in time to screen CV's & Conduct 1st Interviews


Increase in promoting Diversity, Transformation and Inclusion


Average saved on total cost to hire/conduct 1st interviews

What is interviewME ?

interviewME is a Video Interview as a Service solution. It is a one-way video interview platform to fast track the hiring process, improve culture fit and promote diversity

Your advantage: Get to know the Person behind the CV, Fast.

Why choose interviewME?

Interviewing candidates for new positions can take months. Exploring CV’s, selecting interview candidates and sitting through the interview process is a time draining exercise.

interviewME fast tracks the process for Corporate HR and Recruitment Agencies. Watch interview responses to interview questions in your own time… and select only the ‘cream’ for in-person interviews. It’s win win, for you and the candidate.

Want to know more? Let us explain.

Transform your recruitment process, transform your team!

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Advantages of Video Interview as a Service for pre-screening with interviewME


interviewME is an optimization tool for Corporate HR Departments and Recruitment Agencies to ensure the best candidates are matched to company culture, diversity and requirement.

Culture Fit & Diversity

Drive diversity and inclusion by evaluating personality via video with an ability for colleagues to comment on and rate candidate interviews.

Save Valuable Time

Evaluate more applicants in half the time and do it when it suits your diary. You get more time to complete business-critical tasks.

Department Collaboration

Internal collaboration from a centralized dashboard allows for approvals across departments. Managing diaries for interviews is a thing of the past.

Strategic Advantage

Formulate your hiring strategy. In app analytic tools identify the talent you are looking for. Toggle filters and away you go.

interviewME is simple to use… we’ll show you how!

Just follow these 6 easy steps

1. Create the project and job opening on the system
2. Create video or text-based questions for candidates to answer on video
3. Use the dashboard to evaluate candidates with the most potential

4. Watch the video interview answers to your questions in your own time
5. Evaluate with your colleagues if necessary
6. Invite likely candidates for an interview

This is Corporate HR and recruitment made easy.

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Activity hub Video Interview as a Service

Team Collaboration

The activity hub feature allows clients quick view access to all the applicants for any particular job posting. From this hub recruitment agencies or HR Departments have the ability to quickly assess the likelihood of a candidate having the qualities needed for an interview.


Track vacancies, department success and candidate success from the analytics dashboard. This hub will help guide future-hire decisions and minute allocations. 
Analytics for interviewME
Video Interview as a Service login

Access From Anywhere

The online login portal means clients have access to their dashboard from anywhere, and on any device with an internet connection. 

Shortlist Interviews

– Drive Diversity
– Satisfy Inclusion Requirements
– Culture Fit
– Department Collaboration
interviewME Video Interview as a Service

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