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about interviewme




“Time is the new currency of Business. Digital Transformation is no longer an option, it is the Default.”

Learn the how and why interviewME was created


Time is our most valuable commodity. So precious that you are unable to buy more. Once lost, it can never be replenished. Time is also the commodity that is most often wasted!

We felt the urge, to come up with a solution to the wasted time & effort that plagued our personal careers on both sides of the recruitment process. In all the interview processes we were a part of, there were far more flops, than flips.

So…. How can we save you time ? We created a digital solution for the ancient practice of recruitment.
Digital transformation is no longer just a buzz term, it’s how you survive in a world that is changing before your eyes. With the interviewME “Video Interview as a Service” solution, YOU get to meet the person behind the CV fast.

Traditional recruitment platforms claim to assist you in streamlining the recruitment process, yet the mechanics of the actual interview & screening process has barely changed. This is, until now.

interviewME is the transformation. Allow us to transform your recruitment process to ensure that your time is spent where it matters most.

Jesse & Nivi


Meet our interviewME Founders



Nivi Grogor

Nivi believes in building relationships that matter, continuous growth and inclusivity. These are synonymous with the values that founded interviewME.

She spent most of her career in top companies within the financial services industry exposing herself to various business capabilities, gaining knowledge and learning how to best optimize the end to end business value chain. This has placed her in a great position to further advance the vision of interviewME.

With over 20 years combined experience, holding key strategic roles in Business Operations and IT sectors, her accumulation of vast leadership skills, commitment to excellence and passion to grow people is what drives and fuels her success.

Nivi firmly believes that people are an organizations greatest asset and with the right people, playing to their strengths, organizational & personal growth is inevitable.


CEO & Co-Founder

Jesse Bosch

CEO & Co-Founder Jesse Bosch had been in the corporate space for about 16 years already when he decided to pursue the idea of one-way interview software.

Jesse started off in sales straight out of school, at the tender age of 24 Jesse was promoted to Managing Director at one of the largest SAAS companies in the world valued at the time at an estimate of $500 million USD and was responsible for overseeing the operation in Africa and ramping up the team in the fastest growing market.
Jesse later joined a multibillion-dollar SAAS company and was responsible for sales in South Africa acting as Sales Director. He did his rounds at various large enterprise type companies, all of which were roles very much designed around looking after small / medium & large sales teams.

The common story above – every single company that Jesse joined involved recruiting / hiring and scaling teams all of which had fundamental inefficiencies in the recruitment process and this is how interviewME was born.

Jesse’s passions in the business world are Sales & People – “Our culture is based on 3 key and yet very basic principles: FUN, WINNERS & RESPECT”