Features and Benefits of interviewME

Our features and benefits save you time delivering an inclusive solution to all staffing requirements.


Decrease in time to screen CV's & Conduct 1st Interviews


Increase in promoting Diversity, Transformation and Inclusion


Average saved on total cost to hire/conduct 1st interviews

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Unlimited Access

Manage your organization’s hiring progress from any device

interviewME is a SAAS platform that corporations and recruitment agencies can access via any mobile device or computer at any given time. The centralized platform allows you to manage, monitor and control your screening and interviewing process. interviewME allows for unlimited users incorporating role-based access control which means you have an element of control as a business which is important for many organizations.

Powerful Scheduling Features

An End-to-End scheduling tool that your users will love

The interviewME Scheduler is the fastest way to add full calendar functionality to your interviewME platform. Allowing your users to sync their calendars and give candidates the visibility they need to book meetings with ease.


Subtenant Access

Recruitment agency hosting for client access

With interviewME’s unique Subtenants feature, holding companies and recruitment agencies can share candidate interviews with subsidiaries/clients they are recruiting for. Create your Sub-Tenants and invite your clients to rate and comment candidate submissions via the interviewME platform, giving your clients more to work with, opposed to just a CV.

Sub Tenant access
features and benefits of interviewME

Audience Analytics

Make informed recruitment decisions.

Gain insights, maximize ROI and improve efficiency in your hiring process with information gathered by interviewME. We provide our clients with actionable insights and analytics to help inform better recruitment decisions. Transformation, inclusion, diversity and equity are important levers in hiring today. Our analytics tool will assist companies in achieving these recruitment goals.

Candidate Motivation

Candidates can upload a short “About Me” video for that personal touch

To help candidates differentiate themselves and not end up as “just another CV in the pile”, interviewME allows candidates replace their “cover letter” with an exciting “cover video.” Candidates have the opportunity to provide the interviewer with insight into personality for culture fit.

features and benefits of interviewME
features and benefits of interviewME


Reduce time spent on creating job posts

Create text-based questions as “template questions” to hasten the job posting and interviews questions. Templates also help standardize important information for these one-way interviews. The tool also allows for email templates to cut down time when communicating with candidates post submissions of their one-way interview answers.

Video Question Templates

Pre-Record video question templates for use in multiple job posts

We allow for text questions and video questions. Video question templates can be pre-recorded and saved as templates for use when creating interviews. Video questions add a personal touch to the interview process and is a unique feature that we offer. As an added bonus, these video templates will not affect your minute balance on your package.

features and benefits of interviewME
features and benefits of interviewME

White Labelling

Maintain consistent branding for a professional touch

All interviewME clients have the ability to white label our platform, meaning you get to choose your colors and logo to be used for the web interface and also for the job interviews that you create. Personalize the interview experience, upload your logo, company Video and About blurb to maintain company branding and validity.

Email Notifications

Never miss out on the ideal candidate

Receive email notifications as candidates completed interviews and internal ratings have been submitted. Fast-track the process by remaining connected to your hiring process.

features and benefits of interviewME

Departmental Management

Manage department heads, raters for company-wide inclusion

Super Admins can allocate interview minutes to departments based on their job posting and interview requirements. Department admins are also able to monitor minutes used on job postings within the department. This way HR can focus on underperforming staffing departments based on time-to-hire metrics.

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